Reinforced Concrete Home Structure

Why Reinforced Concrete?

Wood house frames are cheap to build but are sensitive to storms, moisture, rot, insects and fire resulting in the least durable and safe building structures. Building high quality or luxury home with wood frame structure is a total nonsense! The structure is the backbone of every building, compromising high quality finishes and artful Architecture by subjecting them to a lower quality structure sounds like throwing your investment out the window….

Reinforced Concrete structures are known for their extreme strength, stiffness and durability! Homes can be designed to sustain hurricane winds, tornadoes, earthques, termites and will not suffer structural damage in case of flood....

Also, reinforced concrete homes have a natural force protection qualities and are mostly bullet proof providing the best security for your family and belongings. Before you build the house of your dreams think twice! A reinforced concrete home is most probably the way to go!

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